Why is Rurrenabaque one of the best destinations to visit in 2020?

The American newspaper New York Times placed the Beniano municipality in third place for sightseeing this year. What is special and how can you get there?

Rurrenabaque – Beniano municipality located 430 kilometers north of La Paz – occupies the third place in a ranking of 52 destinations for tourism this year.

The list, compiled by the American newspaper The New York Times, places Washington and the British Virgin Islands, respectively, in first and second place. It is a payroll that explains why cities such as Sicily (Italy) or Tokyo (Japan) have been chosen for this purpose.

In the case of Bolivia, it is an invitation for visitors passionate about supporting sustainability efforts and for those seeking to protect endangered species. Last year the country won the Best Green Destination award from the World Travel Awards, for the effort to make the Amazon region an ideal place for ecotourism.

How to get??

Rurrenabaque can be reached by air, on the Amaszonas airline, and by land, in the north of La Paz. In the first case, the flight time is 45 minutes, from the Government headquarters. In the second, you must board buses -Yungueña, Totaí or Palmeras- that depart from the Minasa terminal, in the La Paz neighborhood of Villa Fátima. The trip lasts around 22 hours, if there are no mishaps due to rain on the road. In both cases, the frequencies are daily.


Where is it better to buy a tour?

Rurrenabaque is a tourist city par excellence, so the offer of accommodation is diverse, as well as tourism agencies that offer tours of the Madidi, according to the availability of time. The most recommended thing is to make a basic visit for three days, as recommended by the guides.

You can also buy packages at agencies located between Sagárnaga and Illampu streets, in the city of La Paz.

How to get to Madidi Park

From Rurrenabaque you can get there by sailing the Beni and Tuíchi rivers. It is important to know that the rain route is the only one to access, so it is essential to hire an excursion. There are day trips to longer ones.


Being a destination with hot / humid weather, it is advisable to bring cotton clothing, a rain jacket or poncho, repellent, sunscreen and a hat or cap. Also, drinking water.

Avoid swimming in rivers, because there are dangerous currents. You should also be careful with animals.

Never go alone in the jungle, you should always do it with authorized companies and certified guides.

What is Madidi’s wealth in terms of biodiversity?

El Madidi preserves one of the most important jungle regions in the world. There are at least 1,865 species of plants, 867 of birds, 156 species of mammals, 84 of amphibians, 71 of reptiles and 192 of fish. These data correspond only to registered species. Scientists agree that many have not yet been discovered.

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